Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Your brushes have never been so clean

It may seem a little odd for me to rave about a makeup brush cleanser given how I loathe to clean my brushes, but this product is so good, it deserves a little blog love.

It's called Detergent for Puff and Sponge and you get it from a Japanese store called Daiso (pronounced die-so). Coming in at $2.80 here in Australia, it will be the best loose change you've spent in a long time (or if your like me it will be $11.20 since I bought four in one go).

Stocking up!

I'm not quite sure what special powers this light pink liquid holds, but my small brushes are clean in seconds, white brushes look pristine and there's a new-brush feeling all round. I was particularly impressed with how nice my Real Techniques brushes scrubbed up. After a bath in this stuff, they felt fluffy and brand-new.

Don't even get me started on how my Sigma Kabuki brushes fared. I spent a good 10 minutes on each, working the foundation residue out of the brush. Product just kept on coming out, which tells me that they were probably never getting very clean with my past shampoo efforts.

My cleaning time has been cut in half which is great when you have so many brushes.

If you're a Beauty Blender user like myself, the Detergent for Puff and Sponge will work wonders on it as well. I definitely wouldn't fork out all that money for the Beauty Blender Blendercleanser (that's a mouthful) when you have this option. Mine hasn't been this pink since it was unused.

After reading numerous blog posts on this much hyped product, some people noted that it was a bit harsh for natural (animal) hair brushes (especially if you wash your brushes quite frequently). To that I would say dilute the cleanser with some water (think 10% cleanser to 90% water - don't worry it still cleans!) before applying to the brush or only use this product on them intermittently when you need a deeper clean. If you have really delicate brushes and you're concerned about how they will be effected, then maybe skip this product on them. 

I could go on and on but I won't. I will however suggest that you go out and try it for yourself, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. I know I won't be without this in my cleaning regime again!

You can find a list of Daiso store locations in Australia here, but my Shopping Centre insider information tells me that there will be more stores opening up very soon (there are stores in various locations around the world too). I have also been told that you can find this product in some Dollar King stores (not verified) as well as on Amazon and eBay.

What do you use to clean your makeup brushes?


  1. Wow the cleanser is so cheap especially considering it being stocked in Australia, I would love to get my hands on a bottle or two. Now I just have to fly to Sydney. Is this cleanser good for all makeup brushes? Is there any bad chemicals in it?

    1. It's better for synthetic brushes then natural hair ones. Because it works so well (and is so strong) it can be a bit harsh, but I diluted it with water and all my brushes came out fine. I probably wouldn't use it weekly but you could certainly interchange it with whatever you normally use every now and then for a deeper clean of those type of brushes. I am not 100% sure about the chemicals (Surface active agent (34% Ppolyoxyethylene alkyl ether), Fattyacid alkanolamide, Alkyl bentaine), Water softener (alkaline chemicals)) but it doesn't have a particularly strong chemically fragrance or anything like that. I hope that helps! xx Rach

    2. Thank you so much Rachael! I always do like trying out new brush cleansers, even if that is slightly strange. I usually use baby shampoo but I find sometimes that it takes a good couple of washes to actually get all the product especially liquid foundation out.

  2. This sounds amazing. I normally use baby shampoo but I heard that oils help once too and when I tried that I spent forever with my foundation products and had the same feeling like they mustnot have ever been so clean before haha. I really would like to give this a try x

    1. It really is great for synthetic foundation brushes. I couldn't believe how much product came out of them!
      xox Rach

  3. I normally use baby shampoo, but this stuff sounds amazing!