Friday, August 9, 2013

A magical oil for your face?

I developed oily skin when I started going through puberty. Some people get boobs and hips, I got oily skin, oily hair and acne (as well as the boobs and hips). The thing is when I finished the pubescent stage of my life the oiliness decided to stay with me.

As an "oily skinned" girl the thought of putting more oil onto my skin seemed abhorrent, that is until I discovered rosehip oil (or rose hip oil depending on who you ask).

Rosehip oil may be an oil but it behaves a bit like a serum. It's a 'dry' oil that is absorbed into the skin quite quickly. The oil is made from the bud of a rose, so don't expect it to smell pretty - actually it smells quite unpretty to me, but you can work around it.

Personally I have been mixing a few of drops into my nightly moisturiser and have been pleasantly surprised with the results.

While I sleep (and dream of Jimmy Choos and lipstick) it does it's thing. My skin is less dehydrated - no more random dry patches that my foundation used to love to cling to and look horrible. The texture or the "smoothness" of my skin seems to have improved too!

According to the interwebs "using rosehip oil on the skin appears to stimulate the production of new and healthy cells. Its antioxidant and anti-microbial properties can minimise the growth of bacteria so as to avoid different types of breakouts (pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, etc.). When applied to scarred skin, the supporters of this oil claim that it repairs tissues so that the damaged cells are broken down and replaced with new cells."

What benefits can you expect to see from this wonderful, mystical, magical oil? Well, according the numerous articles I've read, there is a lot, but here is a few:
  • Its has been proven effective in repairing acne scars as well as other forms of scars and skin blemishes. Pop this baby on every night and you can expect to see marks and scars become less prominent in time.
  • It contains vitamin A which is great for balancing oily skin (yes please!).
  • It can aid in lightening hyper pigmentation and evening out skin tone. Some people say it even gives your skin a 'glow'.
  • It will help to keep your skin firm and bouncy as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (great for those you looking to slow the aging process!) 
In other words, it's really good stuff!
The best thing about rosehip oil is that it is natural and therefore shouldn't contain any nasty, skin-harming chemicals. It is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants which, if they are doing their job correctly, can help in keeping the skin smooth, healthy and young-looking - who wouldn't want that?

To make sure that you are getting the true benefits of this product I would recommend purchasing one that is certified organic. You can find rosehip oil in health and beauty stores as well as pharmacies for anywhere between $15-$50. Check out some of these brands:


I am going to continue use this raved about product to see if my skin reaps the aforementioned benefits. I am always a little bit skeptical about "the hype" but so far so good.

Let me know if you have tried rosehip oil. What was your experience? See any fantastic results?



  1. I've just started using the trilogy rose hip oil a few days ago and I'm hoping it will start making some improvements to my skin. So far I've noticed my skin feels much less dehydrated and more 'plump' the next day so I'm enjoying it so far x

    1. Great! Hopefully you see some good results :) x

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